Pipe Dream


Pipe Dream Installation

The “Pipe Dream” Installation 2019 – collaboration with Sol Cejas & Jenny Massicotte

Fall term 2018 Sol and I both showed up for a class that was cancelled. We were the only ones there and we started talking about school, design, art, graduation and life after. We discovered that we both had a desire to create something outside of the constraints of the screen and paper. Something big, bright and fun. That day we spontaneously decided that we would try to make it happen. We started talking, sketching and planning some possible concepts not knowing how and where we would be able to put our ideas into action. Through the “Pop-up process” event at PSU this spring term we had the opportunity to jump into action. In two weeks we created concept sketches and a proposal for the window display and created everything by hand. Jim, Sol’s husband, was very generous and built the amazing wall and helped with the install. Thanks!!! This was a first for us and an experimental process, that taught us a lot, I think. Sol and I had a lot of fun putting this installation together and hope to do this again in the future. Contact Sol @s_o_l_c





Concept sketches